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Five episodes into the current E4 season, and there's good and bad.

The good: Lana finally knows about Clark, and has talked to him about it, and it hasn't been screwed up by Kara's arrival.

The good: Ep. 5 has just had a very interesting twist with Lana and the on-going Luther story.

The bad: When did Chloe find out Lana wasn't dead?

The bad: Lionel's been missing for four whole episodes, and no-one noticed.

The bad: Kara turns up, and the first thing they do is enter her in a beauty competition.

The good: some nice developments with Chloe and her new-found super-power; that wasn't the direction I'd expected.

The bad: how come people keep sneaking up on Clark? It's bad enough that he and Chloe continue to discuss His Secret in the Daily Planet newsroom, but we've just had Christina Milian park a limo next to him without him noticing.

The bad: the new Daily Planet editor is embarrassing, and a poor substitute for Oliver Queen, if they're hoping to get Lois connected.

The bad: the writers are struggling to find anything to do with Lois.

And current headcount: Knowing about Clark: Clark, Chloe, Lionel, Lana, Kara. Not knowing about Clark: Lois, Lex, Jimmy.
Tags: sf, smallville, tv
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