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Dark Knight (no spoilers)

Saw this last night, with a bunchafolks from work. I really enjoyed it. Ledger's performance is captivating, with an air of what the fuck is this guy going to do next that you didn't get from Jack Nicholson. Moreover, it encompasses the best and worst of humanity, in a similar vein to RTD's Midnight episode of Who, only with the budget cranked up a couple of notches. On a logarithmic scale.

I enjoyed the way that both Joker and Wayne were portrayed as clever characters, in that they thought things through in advance and anticipated others' responses. It's notable that Harvey Dent didn't.

On the down side, the film has too many endings, and though it doesn't drag the way Pirates II and III and Spidey III did, the story doesn't leave enough time for some of the excellent supporting cast. Caine manages to get good value, but Freeman rarely gets a chance. Some bizarre casting meant several of us kept thinking we were seeing the Scarecrow again, instead of different actors who just happened to look like Cillian Murphy.

And on the bizarre front: lots of it is set in daylight - a nice change, but disconcerting.

There are logic holes, but I'll leave them for a spoiler post.
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