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Dark Knight (spoilers!)

This post discusses some of the plot twists. Stay clear if you don't want to be spoiled.

So, first up: Gordon faking his own death. Somehow, he managed to get from not being killed when standing between all of the Joker's men and their target, to driving the truck transporting Harvey, without anyone spotting him or working out that there wasn't a body.

Wayne and Gordon were tracking down mob money using irradiated bills, which led them to several mob-run banks. The Joker is offering to help the mob not lose all their money. So why is the Joker robbing one of said banks at the start? To cause more chaos? To reveal that it is a mob bank? More importantly, doesn't the mob know he's the one doing the robbing? Why accept his help?

I have no idea how Wayne decides that Harvey's in danger before the Joker arrives at the fund-raiser. I can image he'd see something on security monitors, etc. but I don't recall any scene about that. Suddenly, Wayne's getting Harvey out the way with no warning.

On the other hand, the scenes in the ferries were very good. I was expecting each ferry's trigger to detonate its own cargo, not the other's (and maybe that's the case, anyway - we never find out).

Nice to see Batman-wannabies, which I consider a nod to the Sons of the Batman in The Dark Knight Returns. Similarly, the scenes with Gordon and his son at the end are reminiscent of the scenes on the bridge at the end of Year One. I was expecting the female Detective played by Monique Curnan to turn out to be Sgt. Essen from Year One, but wasn't the case. Perhaps I missed her name early on, so I didn't realise the character was called Ramirez until very late.
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