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One of the things I've been doing since I got the iMac up and running is trying to consolidate my fiction. I forget when I starting writing, but it was at least a dozen years ago, and we've gotten through three desktops and five PDAs in that time. Home-directory contents from old machines have been dumped onto new ones, as "old" subdirectories, in a recursive process, plus there's been things on the computers at work - in home directories, in My Documents, in backups. And then there are email archives.

So far, I've located (I think) about forty-odd separate stories, either written or in outline or note form. That's surprising, since I thought I'd written a lot more. Some of them have been written several times (or reformatted: .txt, .doc, .odt, .tex), and granted a couple of those are novels, but I still think the number's on the low side. Even if I've hardly written a thing in the past five years.

There's a couple of stories that I have in printed form, but for which I no longer have the files. I'll have to scan those in at some point (or just re-type them). There are a further three in note or outline form (one of which I have absolutely no memory of whatsoever, but it's my hand-writing...).

I can identify only one story that I know I planned out in detail, but cannot find in electronic, printed or written form, which is a bit of a bugger because it was a Jonathan Creek/X-Files cross-over and was a bitch to plan out. There may be others I've lost, but if there are, I don't recall them either. There are some initial notes (and one-line story possibilities) for a sitcom which also has gone the way of the Palm. Not bad going, I suppose.

Of course, while all this organisation and filing is a laudable goal, you know it's really just procrastination to avoid fixing the gaping wounds in the two short stories currently in progress...
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