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Washing machine and shower

A couple of pieces of DIY, neither hugely successful.

The washing machine's been giving blow-back from the waste pipe. First noticed this yesterday, when the sink was also draining, and I figured it was just a capacity thing. Then it happened again today without that, and so I thought there might be blockages in the w/m/c's U-bend.

So I dismantled the piping and cleaned it all out, but was disappointed to find just a coating of slime. Not yer actual blockages. I suppose it could have been the slime around the drain pipe making an air-tight seal with the waste pipe, thus the water can't expel past the air, but I'm not convinced. We'll see what happens next time we do some laundry.

And so to the shower. Our hand-piece rail's falling off, and the hand-piece hose is thoroughly mangled, so I bought replacement ones on Sunday (in a separate, epic tale). I was largely guessing about the hose dimensions (there are two), and was hoping that the rail I got was adjustable, so that I could use the same mounting points. I tried fitting things today.

Good: the hose fits the hand-piece.
Bad: the other end of the old hose is embedded in sealant from when the shower was fitted, and I'm not about to try chipping all that out. So we're stuck with the old hose.

Good: the rail has adjustable mounting points, and can fit into the old mounts.
Bad: the rail's holder will slide up and down, and spin around the rail, but you can't alter its pitch (to change whether the hand-piece sprays horizontally, vertically, or somewhere in between).
Bad: the rail's holder is too small for our hand-piece to fit.

Really, we need to get someone in to replace the whole shower. Bah.
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