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I mentioned recently that my shoulder's not been great, so I'm currently off the fencing. Well, I'll be off for a bit longer than expected. Slipped on some wet wooden floors last night, performed a perfect de-ashi-bari[1][2] on myself, and landed on that shoulder, before any other part of my body hit the ground. So now that entire quadrant of my torso is sprained, achy, stiff, and somewhat lacking in movement. Arse.

[1] de-ashi-bari is a judo technique. Imagine that you're stepping forward with your right leg. Just before it hits the ground, someone sweeps that foot leftwards, so that your body is dropping the weight onto the foot, but your foot is never quite making it to the ground. Meanwhile, their arms are making sure that your body does.

[2] Well, I say perfect. More near-perfect, I suppose, since I landed on my shoulder instead of my back. Wazari, rather than Ippon.
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