sugoll (sugoll) wrote,

The Sword of Maximum Damage

An hilarious adventure in the world of fantasy roleplaying games, this was billed as. For some reason, I imagined that this would be played from inside a game, so we'd have the standard fantasy characters, who would nonetheless point out rings of earth-walking and charisma-plus-three. Nope - it's set in the hall of a role-playing tournament, wherein the final of Caverns and Kings is taking place around a board.

Still, it was mildly entertaining, with some good laugh-out-loud moments. Not many of them, I'll grant you, but they were there. I'd give this a three out of five, I think. Part of that is because the narrator was an unnecessary role; I felt that a bit more work on the script would have made him entirely redundant, as everything he said could have been portrayed by the protagonists.

And there wouldn't have been the godawful song.
Tags: fringe
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