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I saw a brief set by Gamarjobat during last year's Best of the Fest, and thought they were good enough to deserve seeing the full thing. So last night, siggav and I checked out Gamarjobat - The Western.

And jolly good it was too. Their show started with the same routine I'd seen, pretty much: failing to move a suitcase suspended in space, silly magic tricks, and silly "tricks" of the kind performed by primary school kids, but done with such proficiency and humour that you can't help love them. And, of course, "narrated" by their expressive stream of oh's and ah's instead of dialogue.

A bit of audience interaction followed, which was okay, and then we moved into the main attraction. A typical Western story of The Good Guy, the Bad Guy, The Girl, and lots of gunplay. Complete with flashback, and Good Guy's father. Ketch and Hiro-Pon play all the characters (apart from the horse), and do so mostly in mime, their usual vocal accompaniment being dropped in the service of a silent telling.

At times, there'd be minutes when the audience was completely quiet, apart from emotional responses (like sad, "awww" noises, from the odd person or too). People were just watching the tale unfold - in mime. Impressively done. However, I didn't find this section of the show or the audience-participation bit to be as good as the out-and-out tomfoolery of the beginning.

So, 5/5 for the opening, and 3/5 for the rest. Though they get a bonus point for wearing their Blue Peter badges.
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