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Andrew Maxwell - Supernatural.

The short version: good, but not as good as last year's Waxin'.

It might have been the mood, or the fact that I was seeing this alone (siggav having wisely decided that her current Lurgy wouldn't let her manage two shows). I'd heard not-so-good things about this year's show, which led me to believe half of it would be a repeat, but that wasn't the case. Last year, Maxwell talked about how he'd accidentally arranged to do two forthcoming gigs in Belfast: one on the Falls Road, a Republican stronghold, and the other just across the peace lines, in a loyalist pub on Shankill Road, on the same night. Since then, he's done the gigs, and lived to tell the tale - so he does.

He also regales us with a report of doing a gig in a wing (not the theatre) of a maximum-security prison on the full moon. It's hard to tell which gig was the more terrifying to do, but they all give him good material. Because, let's be honest, there are lots of comedians who can do material about stuff with which we're all familiar. Maxwell's taking us into unknown territory, and I salute him for that. But I think he needs to work on his prison-as-reform material - that would get him under our skin, and into the uncomfortable-truths section that the true masters hit.

A highly competent performance, with some excellent laughs. I suspect it was more me than his performance that meant I didn't enjoy it as much as last year. I'd still give this 4/5.
Tags: andrew maxwell, fringe
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