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I recently got around to puttin' the ol' Moist CD Silver on, and was once again reminded how much I enjoy it. It's full of brooding, anguished tracks that, frankly, give me the heebie-jeebies; I've got this underlying suspicion that I'd find the topics deeply disturbing, if only I read the lyrics instead of just catching random phrases. I hope it's social commentary, and not just a group of serial killers with a recording contract...

...where was I?

Oh yes. My point - and there is one - is that I haven't really come across anyone else who's heard of 'em. Silver came out in '94, back when I was recording rock music from late-night telly and occasionally reading Kerrang! and I probably bought it some time around then. They're a bit like Live whose Throwing Copper is similar: moody in places, mellow in others, and screaming emotion everywhere else. As Ian Astbury said[1], "You've got to bleed a little while you sing, 'lest the words don't mean no thing." And I remember singles appearing on The Chart Show, or at least seeing them on some medium, and I didn't have MTV back then. But again, who's heard of them?

(Obviously somebody else has, otherwise Gracenotes CDDB would go, "huh?" when I bung the CDs into iTunes, but I haven't met 'em.)

This seems to happen more and more. Something that seemed so obviously memorable and indicative of its time just hasn't impinged on the rest of one's generational conscious.

Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction: Prime Mover. Anyone? Bueller?

[1] In Heart of Soul. Not to be confused with T'Pau's Heart and Soul. Oh, no.
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