sugoll (sugoll) wrote,

Yet more Pope thoughts

Like altariel, I've been musing on Popish memories recently. I too went to catch a glimpse of a white blur at some airport - I think it was Coventry, but I could be wrong. I don't really remember the event at all. I do remember walking a long way from the bus to the airport, and back again, and I recall arguing very loudly with my cousin on the bus on the way back, but that's about it.

I have stronger memories of an interview in a newspaper. I forget both the paper and the interviewee, but I do recall the last answer. The question was something like, "Who do you dislike the most?" The answer was, "The Pope, for not being a Christian."

And then there was the Spitting Image character, with his shades and rock-star dialogue. An excellent comic creation.
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