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National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets

I appear not to have done a post about National Treasure, but given that NT2:BoS is a beat-for-beat remake, that's not really a problem.

They're hugely influenced by The DaVinci Code: well-known artifacts and landmarks contain a series of clues to something immensely precious. Dan Brown's novel actually has a better story, but the NT movies have a more fun script. Or maybe Cage's comic persona appeals to me more than Hanks'.

Cage plays Benjamin Gates, whose father (John Voight) has been searching for lost treasure all his life, because of a family connection to the original hiding thereof. Naturally, some bad guys are after it too, and Cage is always just ahead, making ridiculous leaps of "logic" when deciphering clues. And, incidentally, indulging in some Mission: Impossible-style capers to gain access to priceless items under lock and key in highly secure locations. His sidekick/geek is along for the ride, as is his love interest. At this point, I'm not really sure which film I'm describing...

Anyway: ridiculously absurd, escapist fun.

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