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The Devil Wears Prada

(It was this or Elizabeth, and neither of us felt like engaging brain...)

So, you know the blurb: Anne Hathaway gets job as assistant to cruel Meryl Streep at Vogue Flaps Runway, an influential fashion magazine. You can fill in the rest.

It's a frustatingly lazy script: we're told her plan is to take this job for a year, after which she can continue her plan to become a proper journalist. Much is made of her non-fashionable clothing, but she's given a pile of freebies by (an excellent) Stanley Tucci and, dear reader, implies that she's bought into the whole superficial nonsense and now thinks it's important.

Um, no.

There's a difference between wearing the clothes because you want to, or because you think they "make" you, or whatever, and wearing them because you're a visible part of a corporate image, and not to do so would reflect negatively on the corporation you're representing.

Similarly, she's working all hours of the day for a demanding boss. There's a difference between thinking the job is important, and thinking that the job isn't important, but having taken on the commitment, you want to do it well.

Her friends are generally not understanding or sympathetic, which is annoying,

Also, compare this to (say) Coyote Ugly, wherein Perabo's character wanted to become a songwriter. During that movie, we got examples of her songwriting. In this one, Hathaway's character doesn't write a single word during it's duration. People read (or have read) her stuff from before and tell us it's great, etc. but there's no depth there, and in no way does her supposed skill in this area get utilitised in the story itself.

There were a few other signposted paths the story could have taken, but didn't. Some of that's subverting expectations. Some of it seemed to be set-ups which were then discarded, which hints at confused editing. I wonder how much of this is the fault of the book.

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