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The short version: huh?

I found this hard to follow. I felt like it had been trimmed a little too much, and if they put back the other two hours, it might make some sense. And, shagging, dancing and assassination attempts aside, didn't the monarch have some, y'know, ruling to do?

I guess the point is that it's supposed to be about Elizabeth learning how to establish herself and become a respected sovereign, but the closest we came to that was during the debate on the Act of Uniformity, and that was halfway through.

Lots of mumbling, and quite a bit in French without subtitles (though that might just have been our DVD player - but strange, given that the pope and John Ballard were speaking English, rather than Italian.

Weirdest moment came during the opening titles, when the names for both Daniel Craig and Angus Deayton appeared on the screen together,

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