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It wasn't supposed to go like this.

There's an annual fencing weekend in Italy. I've never been before, but I decided to give it a go this time. Three full days of workshops and swordplay. Also going was my instructor, M, and L, one of the other members of the class. All this was planned back in February.

Since the trip's this coming weekend, last night we were discussing logistics.

After Redemption, I went out and bought my own torpedo[1] for such things, and M already has one, which I assumed would be full of equipment for the two workshops he's teaching. Nope: he was taking his canvas bag, and L was borrowing the hardcase. This didn't make sense to me: my case is huge, so has plenty of space for L's mask, foil and singlestick, I could take those for her, and her packing would be greatly simplified. And, for Redemption, I'd checked the luggage allowance: 32kg, which is plenty.

Thus, we had Plan A.

Then, at the end of the evening, after L had left the pub, M hinted that it would be great if I could take some of his stuff as well, since the workshops are going to be big, and there'll be a lot of gear needed. And if L could take some stuff too, that'd be grand...

Um, okay. Plan B: I pick up M's hardcase tonight, and see how things go. If necessary, L and I each take a hardcase full of stuff.

All this started to unravel this evening. For starters, the 32kg luggage allowance is for domestic flights only; for European flights, it's 23kg. Putting my basic gear into the case took it to about 16kg straight away. Eak.

Then I went to collect M's hardcase. Turns out that all the singlesticks he had on order for the workshops haven't turned up, despite the supplier promising them. He's also been bombing around town trying to find alternative timber suppliers, only to find them all closed. So that's not good.

I came back with his hardcase, laden with a longsword, a backsword, and about a dozen wicker baskets. Somehow, we'll get sticks to put in them, for the hoarde for the class.

Start assembling stuff into the case. Also start ironing suit, for fancy meal on the Saturday evening, only to discover that it's not ironing well at all. And I don't remember ever needed to iron this last time I machine-washed this machine-washable suit. Hmm...

And then L phones. Seems she's managed to secure a new flat, but needs to carry out various survey-related things over the next couple of days, or else she might lose it. So she's having to drop out of the trip.

I'm gutted by this. A big, big part of why I've been looking forward to this trip is that I'd be doing it with friends. siggav couldn't make it for various reasons, which is really sad, and now L has to miss it -- (again; I seem to recall she also had to drop out at the last minute last year, too). Plus, at least three other people I know from other groups that I expected to be there, can't make it either. So other than M, I'm expecting to know exactly one person, there.

Getting away from the self-pity for a moment (although it is my journal), I'm also gutted on L's behalf, having to drop out at this late point, having paid for the travel, had all the build-up, etc. I'm also ambivalent about the flat; I'm pleased that she's making progress in sorting out somewhere better to live, but I'm a little worried about the place she's selected. I hope I'm just paranoid, and that the survey says everything is great...

So, after that bit of news, I spent a while doing a preliminary re-packing so that everything is just in my hardcase. It looks to me like it's dead on 23kg. If I squint. If it's over, I can shift stuff to hand-luggage. I hope. There have been sacrifices, such as the travel guitar. :-(

So, somewhat depressed, annoyed, and with an acheing back, I decided to have a hot, soothing bath. I settled in, started to unwind....

... and the phone rang. It was M, having just heard about L, wanting to know what we were going to do about the packing.

Anyway, M flies out tomorrow morning. I'm heading out the day after. I just hope I can get on the damn plane with all that stuff. I panicked about it for Redemption, and no-one said a word. I hope everything goes as well for this.

[1] Well, they look like torpedos.
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