sugoll (sugoll) wrote,

30 Days of Night

An inspired concept for a vampire movie: Barrow, Alaska, is the northern-most town in the US, is cut off by road in the depths of winter, and has a solid month with no sunlight. Where else would blood-suckers go on vacation?

This was originally a comic book by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith, but alas, I haven't read that, so I'm just going on the movie. Which was okay. Somewhat po-faced - compare with Neil Marshall's Dog Soldiers offering, for example - but mostly competently done. I have to admit, I preferred the earlier sequences of the film, where random acts of vandalism are setting the town up for a more isolated experience: stealing and burning all the mobile phones, for example. Other bits were more predictable: male and female leads were once a couple, now separated, and she just happens to miss her flight out. Who'da thought?

There are problems. Time passes somewhat strangely: we skip through lots of days with no reason why the survivors have managed to hang on thus far without being found out. I was never clear what the deal was with the Renfield character at the beginning, nor why Josh Hartnett's character manages to get away with his strategy at the end - I'd have thought the surrounding pack of vamps would have just torn him to pieces.

So, okay, but not impressed.

Tags: comics, movies, sf
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