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I've been looking forward to Wanted for ages, with increasingly falling hopes, and it still didn't meet expectations.

On paper, it looked great: James McAvoy discovers his destiny is to be an uber-assassin just like his old man, and he's inducted into his new life by Angelina Jolie.

Let's savour that one more time: Angelina Jolie as a super-assassin in an action movie. Where do I sign up?

First I heard of this was the trailer, yonks ago. Then I discovered it was adapted from Mark Miller's comic book, so I dug that out, and was less than impressed. Nice art, nice writing, reprehensible premise. In the book, Miller's concept is: you're supposed to be a super-villain. Go out and do bad shit to people, just because you can. Not really something with which I can empathise.

So I was expecting Miller's book to be neutered by the US studio execs, for starters. I wasn't particularly worried that they'd replaced Miller's ideal casting of Eminem and Halle Berry - they were the visual references for the comic - with McAvoy and Jolie, since I greatly prefer Jolie, and while Enimem was good in 8 Mile, I don't know how far he can stretch. And I wasn't too surprised that the Fraternity had changed from super-villains to Assassins Who Save the World From Chaos. But I was narked that they got their orders from, they claimed, Fate. Not a person, but yer actual anthopomorphised entity. Huh?

As an action movie, it didn't really cut it, though. Some nice ideas with car stunts, albeit not paying enough attention to the laws of physics in their CGI, but, I dunno. If you compare it to, say, The Transporter or the more recent Bonds or Bournes, then it just seems, welll, silly.

Damn shame. Could have been so good.

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