sugoll (sugoll) wrote,

Belay that

The survey came back all-hunky-dory (so I was being paranoid), and L appears to have got all property-related stuff sorted. So now we're back to the original plan, and she's coming after all! Hurrah!

(This supercedes the previous plan, where she'd transfer the flight to Saturday, because being a cheapo flight, it ain't shiftable. And that plan superceded the one before that, where it was just me going.)

Of course, all this transpired:
(a) After I'd gotten everything packed properly (after last night's dry-run) in the one case;
(b) After I'd gotten in the bath.

So now there's supposed to be an emergency re-packing tomorrow morning, before running for the airport.

Now there's just the horrors of four days' worth of VCR programming and cable channel swapping to which to attend.

But still: hurrah!
Tags: fencing, fisas
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