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Jonathan Creek: The Grinning Man

We've just watched the Jonathan Creek New Year special, and we were not impressed.

(It didn't get off to a good start by beginning while both of us were out of the room, and then using a style that made us think it was the end of the preceding programme, so we weren't paying attention...)

At two hours, it seemed very bloated and rambling - half an hour trundling around getting the characters into place - and hugely implausible: Mina being locked in; not calling the police in; lots of birds hitting windows as a chance occurrence; no-one saying, hey, mysterious room where people are locked in and then vanish overnight - let's fill that sucker with recording equipment!

The Adam Klaus plot was even more cringeworthy than they usually are. Okay, I know he's supposed to be a farce of a character, but 3D-porn?

I was baffled by the refusal to mention Maddy's name, instead dancing around it. Weird.

Alan Davies still does the job, though he's looking considerably longer in the tooth. Sheridan Smith was okay. Katherine Parkinson was okay, if annoying. Nicholas Boulton as Gessler kept making me think of No. 1 from ST:TNG. The actual mcguffin of the mystery was pretty good, so hurray for that.

But still - bah. I'm gutted by this, since I adore Jonathan Creek, but this wasn't Renwick's best effort. Heck, I think the one I've written was better.

Tags: tv
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