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Have laptop, will travel

My usual life-support system is a Samsonite laptop backback, similar to this one, only smaller. Distinguishing features of mine: has a very thin wallet-folder slot, which is where I actually put the laptop, and a main body pocket where I'm supposed to put it, but where everything else goes; small pocket on the front, handy for USB, keys, etc. but very little else; rounded corners which means A4 wallet folders tend to get squished.

When carrying the laptop on a plane, there's very little space for anything else. I mean, the laptop and cables pretty much fill it, with space for a single book. Clothes? Not a hope.

So, in preparation for Redemption, where I'll have a pile of Important Stuff that can't go missing with the rest of our luggage, I'm gonna need a bigger boat bag.

After much wandering around a House of Fraser store and John Lewis, I settled on this one. It's another backpack, without wheels (I found that a lot of the cases sacrificed way too much volume to the extensible handle); having to carry it reduces the chance of bursting the weight limit. Weirdly, a lot of the bags that considered laptops didn't seem to consider that you'd want to put in anything else but a laptop and assorted business stuff. I looked at a few that had several compartments, all with partitions and dividers, none of them really suitable for containing clothing. Unless you want underwear exploding onto the table when you pull out a new file during that crucial meeting...

I very nearly went with something like this, and also considered one of the larger Wenger backpacks, as both gave quite a bit of space for clothing, but in the end I decided that the Ibex had the best space distribution for pockets (a quick test showed that I could fit the laptop and my existing backpack in, quite comfortably).

I was amused by the Mandarina Duck bags, which included a separate laptop-only carrier - as do several other brands, but these were labelled Just in case.... As were the built-in elasticated shower caps that expanded out of one of the pockets to cover the bags in case of rain. However, those cost a lot of internal space, not to mention a lot of pounds. So, amused, but not convinced.

I even looked at the Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein bags, because - and this shocked me - they were close to what I was after, in functionality[1], and the price difference was not that significant.

But after all the above, the cost difference between the Wenger and the Tumi (about half the price) meant it wasn't that hard a decision.

But now I have my new bag. Must go play...

[1] I'm using functionality in reference to a bag. Good grief.

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