sugoll (sugoll) wrote,

Time for new shiny?

The end joint of my right thumb is painful these days, which I put down to operating the buttons on the N95. Particularly, texting, so I try to do that two-handed now.

But I'm wondering whether it's time to snap, and finally succumb to the iPhone lust I've been fighting for fifteen months.

Those with long memories might recall sugoll's phone requirements, based on what I used to do with the Psions and Palm, and what the N95 spectacularly failed to achieve:
  1. Touch screen
  2. Web client
  3. Email client
  4. Card database
  5. Good Mac synchronisation
  6. MS Office support
  7. Keyboard support
I'm less fussed about the latter two these days, since if I'm planning to be actually typing much, I'll take the laptop instead. Viewing Word/Excel docs seems pretty important, but I can cope with read-only.

The card database worries me, though. My phone/PDA is also my record of: DVDs, comic books, things out on loan, stuff to get from the supermarket, stuff to take on various trips, and so on. Plus, I need to be able to export that lot into CSV or XML, and then read it back into whatever's on the iPhone. I assume this means a trip to the App Store - life's too short to get to grips with X-Code and Objective-C right now - but are there recommendations?

I'm also still on Orange (gah), but I'd like to maintain the same phone number. Don't have any particular qualms about leaving Orange behind if I can take the number, given how crap they've been over N95 updates.

So tell me, my shiny-owning friends - how's your iPhone experience been?
Tags: apple, n95
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