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So I've been tagged, dammit. As katlinel said, "They have ways of making you post."

The movie bit...
1) Total owned.

As far as DVD goes, it's split 50-50 between Movies and TV, with about 75 each. Of course, that depends on how you count the box-sets.

As far as VHS goes, that's just too painful to count - things are hidden away, out of sight, and shall remain so.

2) Last bought.

XXX - special edition.

3) Last seen at the cinema.

XXX^2 (or, as we scientifically minded types tend to think of it, X^6). I think that was after HHGG...

4) Movies that mean a lot.

Interpreting this as "films I watch a lot," then:

a) The Matrix. Let's pretend the others didn't happen, and enjoy it.
b) The Crow.
c) The Mummy.
d) The Mask of Zorro.
e) Under Siege (I think it just beats Die Hard)

Taking it as "mean a lot to me":
a) Speed
b) The Princess Bride
c) Adventures in Babysitting, aka A Night On The Town
d) Amazon Women on the Moon
e) Gross Pointe Blank

(thinking about it, this is really the list of films that K and I have both watched, together. Although I'm not sure (d) falls into that category.)

The book bit...
1) How many?

Oh, about 1,500, give or take 200. Although that's jointly with K, and K buys more'n me, by lots.

2) Last bought?

A Punisher comicbook. :-) Or possibly Declare, by Tim Powers, if you mean Real Books(tm).

3) Last read?

Part way through Guy Gavriel Kay's Lord of Emperors, so either that, or Sailing to Sarantium, which is volume I of the pair.

4) That mean a lot...

a) Saga of the Exiles/Milieu Trilogy, by Julian May. The Books that Taught Me To Read. And, consequently, informed a great deal how I write.
b) The Belgariad, by David Eddings. Deceptively simplistic, excellently told. Even if there's only one female character, with different hats.
c) Sandman, by Neil Gaiman.
d) Tigana, by Guy Gavriel Kay.
e) Snowcrash, by Neal Stephenson. Even though the ending's rubbish, the start is fantastic.

5) Bug other people.

Erm. katlinel. siggav. steverogerson. iainjcoleman. kilbswhitecrow.
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