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So, the end of season two of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles rolled around on Virgin 1 last night, finishing up with - no spoilers - an interesting scenario for the start of season three. If there is one. At time of writing, I've heard statements in both directions.

It's a weird show. I keep waiting for it to start.

Season one was all about humanoid robots slamming each other into walls, plus the occasional chasing of someone who might be starting up Skynet. Presumably in a combination of trying to avoid a fixed formula for the show, and keeping the budget way down, season two's cut back on a lot of that. In fact, it's been just remarkably talky. If it gets canned, I won't be surprised, because most of the episodes squandered their potential, never giving the characters any spark or excitement. And then you get the odd glimpse of what it could be, and you think, "it'll be a shame to lose this."

Part of the problem is that the show doesn't know what it's about. The main characters are the triumvriate of Sarah, John and Cameron. So why were there two whole episodes focusing almost entirely on Jesse, a teriary character at best? And Ellison, who at the end of season one was potentially transformed into something entirely different, instead spent the entire season sitting at a desk talking. Very disappointing. He's supposed to be smart, damnit. So why didn't he twig to Weaver? Why, in fact, did he stay with Weaver at all, after meeting John Henry?

Oh the other hand, John Henry's been great. He's just sat at a desk too, but the combination of child-like naivity and near-omniscience is deeply disturbing. Especially when asking humans why they've got such terrible double-standards. His conversations with Weaver have been good, too.

John and Sarah have been equally disappointing. Okay, so they go through the wringer. They need to be smarter. Just once has John displayed the insight that makes you think he could develop into the leader of the resistance in the future. And Sarah seems to be coasting too.

I didn't buy the closing scenes of the finale last night, but I was impressed by a scene with Cameron and John. There was a beautiful twisting of the romantic in Cameron's approach to reactor safety.

So: I don't expect to see more. Doubt I'll buy it. Roll on Chuck season two.

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