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I don't really have a lot to say about this film. It passed two hours in a not-too-painful way, and Jackman is excellent. The story doesn't hold up in daylight, alas. A good surprise or two during the plot, though I was faintly disappointed in how the relationship between Logan and romantic lead panned out; a loaded gun in act I was made somewhat irrelevant, because the writers wanted the story to go in another direction altogether. Had this been The Dark Knight, that gun would have fired. Twice.

Lots of cliched scenes, with at least two Noooooo! bits, while the camera cranes into the clouds. And while I'm not at all familiar with the Wolverine character from the comics, what little I've read (guest appearances in Punisher) suggest that the movie personality is completely different. Still, it's consistent with the films. And at least no-one was as bad as Halle Berry as Storm.

Tags: comics, movies
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