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Star Trek

Lots of problems, but I quite enjoyed it. Barrels along at Mach 2, not really giving you the chance to catch your breath, but there's still time to go huh? quite a bit.

Pine and Quinto are excellent as K/S. Rest of the cast didn't really get that much to do. I liked all the nods to the old-school stuff, too.

Good idea to skip all of the time in the academy; it was a relief to not go through the standard trope of cocky kid in a military school rebelling against the tough sergeant.

Shame Uhura had to flash more skin; I'm not sure whether it's good or bad that Kirk doesn't. Way too many dangling scenes (no seat belts on the Enterprise? You should try working on a Romulan ship, mate!), and Nero as a character was a waste; he could have been a tortured patriot. He could have discovered he'd been on a mistaken vendetta.

I liked the mcguffin for rebooting the whole universe without the encumberance of the TV series or older films, but the ease by which Kirk gains the chair - twice - is ridiculous. I think it would have been better to end the film with him getting a commendation - but still having to graduate and work his way up to captain. After all, at least Obi Wan thought Luke was turning into a half-decent pilot himself, while Pine's Kirk has nothing to suggest that he should be captain except our expectations. No extra talent, skills, etc. He's just a cocky brawler. Where's the necessary grasp of strategy?

Kobyashi Maru was a particular disappointment. Given the face-off with Spock, Kirk could have at least argued that a known simulation does not give you experience of the fear of really being in a no-win situation. Especially not one you can retake. Meh.
But then, this film doesn't have depth. It's more fun than Star Wars of late, having more of Serenity's sensibilities (but, again, without the depth), and it does have a love of the source material, which goes a long way. I think it's got respect for the source, too, which also helps no end. It can go a lot further in the next one. It probably won't, but I can hope.

Tags: movies, sf
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