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Blueberry Girl

As some of you know, I'm quite a fan of Gaiman, so I've been looking forward to Blueberry Girl---

--- I have The Wolves in the Wall, and The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish; I like Gaiman's writing for young children---

--- and this trailer had me quite enthused. So I was somewhat disappointed, upon purchase, to discover that the "trailer" is, effectively, a free audiobook version. It's Gaiman reading the (quite short) poem, in its entirety. I'd expected, y'know, an actual story, and thought that the trailer was just an intro - the opening section, perhaps, or something written specially to promote it. Nope. That's yer lot.

I've over the disappointment now. It's a lovely poem, and Gaiman reads it well. And Vess's illustrations are gorgeous, of course.

Just consider this a public service announcement.

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