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When we got back at on Sunday, there was a card from the Post Office - they'd been unable to deliver a parcel. Which is interesting, because I don't recall ordering anything.

Collecting it was a new experience, since our local PO collection point has moved since the last time. Thankfully, it's moved within the city, not to some godforsaken car-only place ten miles out. The downside is that it's only open until 12:30pm (apart from Saturdays, when it's only open until 09:30am). So, yesterday morning, I took a couple of buses to the new place, and retrieved it.

It turns out to be from kalypso_v . Hmm, I thought. Is this a really organised present for k, sent for safe-keeping?


It's a copy of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, as a contribution to the 40th birthday celebrations. How awesome is that? How awesome is kalypso_v?

Thank you so much!

Tags: birthday, movies, theatre
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