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So, this 3.0 thing...

So I have iPhone OS 3.0 now. First impression: doesn't have what I want.

I haven't tried any of the announced features yet, apart from Cut'n'Paste. I did think, "Oh, synchronises Notes now, too," but then thought: with what? They haven't turned up in Stickies. Turns out that it means notes in the Mac OS X Mail application. Since I use Thunderbird, that's no use to me.

But I had a quick squint at Calendar and Safari, and it's still missing two things that I think would be great.

Consider: when you look at a Contact, you can tap on an address field, and it'll open the address in Maps. Very nice. And in Maps, having identified a location (where you are right now, for example), you can create a new Contact from that location.

If a Contact has a URL, tapping on that will open the URL in Safari. But you can't go the other way: in Safari, you can't say, "create a new Contact from this web page".

And also consider: when you create an entry in Calender, one of the fields to fill in is "Location". This is a pure, free-form text-only
field. You can't get an address from Contacts, or from Maps, or from your current location. The iPhone makes a big thing about having
excellent location services, and here's a field called Location that misses this stuff completely.

What's needed is a Locations app (and underlying API), about which Calendar, Maps and Contacts are all aware, to provide the glue. And it's not something that a third party can provide, because of that knowledge that has to be in the other built-in apps.

I was hoping Apple would have figured this out. Apparently not.

A while ago, I complained about the lack of a drag facility on the scrollbars, and that's still not fixed. Long web page? Tough. You'll still have to get to the end by paging slowly down.

Based on the value of (new stuff) & (sugoll's wishlist so far, I'm guessing they haven't added support for a bluetooth keyboard...

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