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Saw this a while ago with katlinel, but I've been lax in the posting.

We saw it in 3D, which is a first for me with the technology around nowadays. Won't be bothering with that again. It didn't add anything, got somewhat in the way, and wearing two pairs of glasses, stacked, isn't exactly fun.

On with the film. I re-read the book recently, and thought it was a good adaptation, but some bits of it seemed unnecessary. Wybie, for example. He's only there to give Coraline someone to talk to, and to explain some background about the house, none of which is necessary. Besides, Coraline can vocalise her thoughts to the Cat. The Cat seemed to scrawny to me - I expected something sleeker, more confident.

Generally speaking, though, it was good: Coraline's parents (both sets), Spinks and Forcible, and Bobinsky (who wasn't anything like how I imagined him, but good in a hugely disturbing Yellow Submarine sort of way).

The Other Mother's transformation was too rapid, though. I was hoping, from the hints in the book, that she would transform gradually, so that she becomes a dissimilar monster over time. Nope. A big, sudden, sprouting. Alas.

So: good, but I'd have preferred it to stick closer to the book.
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