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The International

Clive Owen continues his action-movie CV building. After Children of Men, where he plays a normal man reacting normally (but well) to mayhem around him, and Shoot 'Em Up, where he plays a grumpy super-gunman in an hilarious scenario, we have The International, which is kind of between the two. Here, he's an Interpol agent, trying to build a case against the International Bank of Business and Credit (the IBBC. And not the BBC, like I kept reading...)

Basically, the bank is Up To No Good, and anyone who gets close to providing evidence against them dies. But Interpol are a facilitating agency, and Owen's character doesn't have jurisdiction to act directly. But this being an action movie with a grumpy bastard for a leading man, he doesn't let that stop him. Nor does Naomi Watts, as agent of some sort (FBI? DOJ?).

So, banks. Topical, huh? The problem is, this is a confused film. It's not helped that the actors spend the first half an hour mumbling incessantly. When there are foreign accents involved (French, Italian, New York), matters aren't improved. And the morality's not entirely clear-cut. Bankers == bad. Arms dealers being ripped off by banks? Third-world dictators being sucked into deals with the devil? Apparently, we should feel sorry for them. Who knew? The ending's also weak; like most action films, it tries to personify the evil, so that the hero can punch it in the face, and so that the evil can die an appropriately ironic death. It doesn't go anywhere near what happens if you try to take out a financial institution that would also wipe out many innocent parties. Shame.

So, 6/10. Must try harder, but gets an extra point for having no love interest whatsoever.

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