sugoll (sugoll) wrote,

Hellboy II: The Golden Army

The short version: meh.

I'm not a reader of Hellboy. I know it's highly regarded, but I read the first collection and found it poor. I've seen the first Hellboy film, but can't really remember anything about it.

This one's got a Men In Black sort of feel to start with. The various characters oat the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defencse wander through their secret lair, having humourous (and well written) dialogue while around them, CGI shenannigans happen but are not remarked upon.

Hellboy and Liz are living together and having a rough patch. Hellboy wants to be known to the world, not hidden away. Meanwhile, a nasty Elf wants to re-activate the long-hidden Golden Army and take back the Earth from the humans. Whatever.

This feels more like a comedy episode in a tv series (one with a huge FX budget), than an actual movie. It's trying to move an arc along a little, but not too much, and those slight advances are the most interesting and important things in the film. The characters are okay, but Abe's love-interest story is blah and annoying. Seth McFarlane does a particularly good job of Dr Strauss's voice. Perlman's fun, as he always is. Luke Goss is dull as the angry elf.

Seen it now. Doubt I'll remember much about it in a year.
Tags: comics, movies, sf
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