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Torchwood: Children of Earth

(Let's try this again. It's not nearly as fascinating as it was first time. Honest.)

So, Torchwood. I thought it was pretty good, actually. The story felt more epic, the alien threat was genuinely menacing, and there were excellent performances from the cast (though Capaldi left everyone else standing). It had its flaws, but I think that its heights meant that, overall, it was among the best Torchwood's been. And it wasn't another Cyberwoman, thank God.

I was relieved that they didn't kill off Gwen, Rhys or Andy. For me, Gwen's the viewpoint character, and Torchwood has been Gwen's story, so I'd hate to lose her. We saw Gwen dealing with Rhys's death last year (and traumatic it was, too), so we don't need that again. And Andy's just great. So, no killing them off just yet, please.

On the other hand, it was disappointing to discover that Jack's plan for taking the fight to the aliens and waging was just hot air. I mean, come on! Having made all the noise about being the alien experts, at the very least they could have tried something, before it failed. Otherwise, for what was Lois taking all those risks?

But Lois was great, wasn't she? When she brought out the maps in the cafe, I was half-expecting packed lunches as well. Except that she'd already bought food for Gwen and Rhys, so that's that sorted.

There was some discussion, during the broadcast, that this would be it for Torchwood, and it certainly seemed to be looking that way: SUV, Hub, Ianto, Jack. At the very least, a reboot.

But in hindsight, it was inevitable. When RTD started Torchwood, he'd already got a production team up and running, and new Who was a success. Now RTD, Julie and Phil have all moved on. Moffat's taken up the baton for Who (and Sarah Jane Adventures?), but taking on Torchwood as well at the same time would have been madness. If there was a new, different team coming in to run Torchwood, we'd have heard about it by now. So it's going to be a clean sweep in the future - if there is one.

Whoever comes in is going to want to shake things up a bit, and if CoE had hit the reset button at the end, the new team would have had to spent much of the first episode kicking over all the furniture and throwing the telly out the window. Now they don't have to: it's pretty much a blank slate, ready to go.

I think there are plenty of good elements ready to use, too. As katlinel 's fond of saying, Torchwood Cardiff are supposed to be the alien experts, but they're rubbish. Embarrassingly incompetent, in fact. The rules of the franchise mean that they're never going to match the Doctor, but you expect a little more from them.

However, with Jack and his off-world experience gone, you've got a reason for them to be a bit crap. Lois, Andy and Rhys have all seen a little, but not much. Gwen's seen a lot more, and has proven leadership experience, so is a natural to take over the team, making Lois the new viewpoint character. Works for me.

Just as long as they don't bring in Captain Hart.
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