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So... just installed Office 2008 last night (katlinel  needs it, alas),. Then I read Pogue's ode to review of Snow Leopard, where I see:

"That Snow Leopard’s looks haven’t changed at all, in other words, betrays the enormous changes under its pretty skin. Unfortunately, that fact also explains the number of non-Apple programs that “break” after the installation.

I experienced frustrating glitches in various programs, including Microsoft Word[...]"

Okay, so I wasn't going to install 10.6.0 anyway - I was going to give it a few months. But still - right after installing Word? Bah.

And you might be thinking, "don't worry, MS will release an update to Office that'll work better on Snow Leopard."

Well, after installing Office 2008, it runs the updater, to install any patches.

None found.

But on the other hand, I have to give boing boing props for their round-up article, for the accompanying image.

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