sugoll (sugoll) wrote,

Bad Wolf

Well, I liked it, I think. But I don't think it holds together.

I really liked the Doctor's escape from the BB house. Yet another example of the kind of lateral thinking that keeps cropping up in this series. Problem is, it's negated by Jack's revelation of what's happened to Rose. If it's a transporter rather than a disintegrator, there's no reason for it not to be used on the Doctor at that point.

And why isn't it a disintegrator? Where are all these people going? What's the point of transporting them?

Worse of all, I don't see why this whole Bad Wolf plan has to be so blatantly visible to the Doctor. Why aren't the surviving Daleks just killing him? Most of all, I hope this one is cleared up during the series.

Dramatically, we didn't need to see both Rose and the Doctor discovering the nature of the shows, either, but that's just minor.

And Rose just gets to scream, this time. Sigh.

Hmm. Not that good an episode, then. Think I just got carried along by the cast's enthusiasm.
Tags: tv
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