sugoll (sugoll) wrote,

"This is a backsword..."

Today was supposed to be a singlestick tournament, at a highland games. It sort of fell through, because of the three of us eligible from our group, my elbow's still dodgy, and S was otherwise occupied. Numbers from other groups seemed unlikely, too - a big re-enactment event somewhere, apparently.

So we ended up with two people. Plus six people watching who weren't eligible. So we did demonstrations instead. We talked, we posed, we handed out fliers. Some sun shone on us occasionally.

And I was quite pleased with my self-control, in that I didn't weaken and decide to join in too much.

Tomorrow should be interesting: three museum demos, each half an hour long. Think I'm supposed to be doing the free-fencing in these, too, so that'll be left-handed. Hey ho...
Tags: fencing
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