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Doktor Sleepless

Spider Jerusalem is a fantastic character.

As the protagonist of Warren Ellis's magnum opus Transmetropolitan, the investigative journalist with a social conscience spends ten volumes locked in a battle with a sociopathic president, while delivering searing social commentary on child abuse, pedophilia, transhumanism, preservation of culture, homelessness, and so on, while spouting terse, abusive wit that - if you read the author's blog - is in a style evidently  straight from the man himself. And all drawn by the fantastic Darick Robertson, in sharp, humorous detail.

And now enter Doktor Sleepless, by that same Warren Ellis. I've been waiting for something new from Ellis like Transmet, but..... Consider:

Spider's been away from the city in the mountains, and returns at the start. Sleepless has been away from Heavenside, and returns at the start.

Spider wears distinctive red/blue shades. Sleepless wears distinctive goggles.

Spider preaches to his assistants, who find him annoying. Sleepless preaches to his assistant, who finds him annoying.

One of Spider's assistants is a leggy blonde who is also his bodyguard. Sleepless's assistant is a leggy blonde who is also his bodyguard.

Spider imparts wisdom to the masses through his newpaper column; the masses love him for it. Sleepless imparts wisdom to the masses through his radio broadcasts; the masses love him for it.

Spider speaks in short, declarative sentences. ("I have had a vision. It has been revealed to me by the secret chiefs of the world that I am sexier than Buddha and harder than Jesus. I cannot die.") Sleepless speaks in short, declarative sentences ("Energy can only be replaced by whisky. This is actual physics. Do not argue. I am a Doktor.")

Spider gives us (and other characters) tours of the underbelly of his city; Sleepless gives us (and other characters) tours of the underbelly of Heavenside.


Mind you, it's not just Transmet that Sleepless resembles. Sleepless has been planning his actions for years, and is now overtly putting a large plan into effect. And sends out many masks of his own face, to be worn by the masses.  *cough*.

Plus, some of the flashbacks to the Doktor's childhood scream The Invisibles, in their this is what the world is really like styling.

So: Doktor Sleepless. It's great. I just wish it wasn't so familiar.
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