sugoll (sugoll) wrote,

DVD commentaries

Still lurgied. Tried a trip to the supermarket today (we were out of food), and was light-headed before I got there, and considered turning around and coming back. And they were shut.

So I've spent the afternoon under a sleeping bag, watching the remainder of the extras on Season One of Dollhouse. Generally, they're quite good (and interesting to see the unaired pilot), but the commentary on Epitaph One is shockingly bad. Jed and Maurissa occasionally give some information on the episode, but mostly it's just them wittering to each other about unrelated things in a non-funny manner, and going "Oh look there's wossername, we love her." Utterly inane.

And I'm always annoyed by people who are giving a commentary while watching the episode for the first time. Do your homework!

Tags: dollhouse, sf, tv
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