sugoll (sugoll) wrote,

Dollhouse Plot Thorts

Since I've now been off sick for four days (and tomorrow doesn't look good :-( ), I've watched the whole of Season One of Dollhouse, and a few things didn't seem to make sense.

Don't peek if you haven't seen it, but want to..

First, in the episode where DeWitt sends Joe Hearn to kill Mellie, how come he doesn't recognise November, who's been in the pod next to Sierra for six episodes?

Second, the implication is that Alpha is behind both Echo getting bowhunted in Target, and Echo getting wiped in Gray Hour. Um, why? Both seem good ways to ruin his own plan.

Third, who implanted the messages in Echo and November for Ballard? Echo's message said it wasn't the same person who sent the photographs, though that could have been a lie. Topher is under the impression that only Alpha had the capabilities to mess with the programming in the manner required. It doesn't seem plausible that the NSA would be communicating with Ballard in that way - why would they?

Tags: dollhouse, sf, tv
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