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Yesterday morning was taken up with work, for both me and katlinel , so we met at a very nice restaurant-bar for a leisurely two-hour lunch, as a break. Then she went off to get some things from town, and I went off in the other direction to get other things. And somehow, it took me 1.5 hours to get home - I was just amazingly unlucky with buses, and ended up walking most of the way. During the wettest fifteen minutes of the day. Bah.

So we were blobbing at home (and steaming slightly, in my case, as the rainwater evaporated), when the buzzer went. Pah, thought, I: trick-or-treaters. But no! It was metamorphosa , on a spontaneous visit to Meadow Mountain.

So there was chatting, and tea, and a revision of dinner plans. Stew(OMT) was scheduled, since I'd taken the rest of the meat out of the freezer that morning, but now we were going out to a nice veggie cafe. So I hurriedly turned the Stew components into something in a pot with liquid, and bunged it in the oven on a low heat.

Dinner was lovely (veggie lasagne - I have it every time we eat there), then we came back here, and there was much pointing at YouTube and shouting in indignation at rubbishness. We waved metamorphosa off, and I distributed the vat of now-transformed Stew components into cooling vessels, and lo, it was time for bed. Said Zebedee.

Today, we have been working again, but at home, this time. Good job: it's 'orrible out there. progdb stuff has been done, some work-related stuff has been taken care of, and a particular housework chore that's been building up for weeks has been taken out and shot. Ha.

We're now heating the oven in preparation for the Stew. This is not without a certain amount of trepidation; I was rather hurried yesterday, so we're not convinced that the swede will be cooked (chopped not too finely). Plus, for liquid I just bunged in a bottle of red plonk, no stock. And I forgot the bay leaf. And bouquet garni. And any herbs or spices. It might, in fact, be entirely inedible, or at least massively bland. We'll find out.

Still, the chinese and pizza places deliver, so either way, we don't need to brave the weather.

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