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We've been watching a fair chunk of stuff on Virgin's Catch Up on Demand service, and it's been bloody rubbish the past couple of weeks.

Item: there appears to be at least a 50% chance that it'll fail to play, on the first request. A second attempt usually works, though.

Item: either the codec can't keep up, or there's terrible interference on the line, because it's been really blocky. Watching Buzzocks earlier today, at least five minutes worth was entirely borked, with no sound and most of the picture pixellated.

I've also not been watching Warehouse 13, because the V+ box hasn't bothered to record it. In order to fit in the other things, I've had it set to record the repeat that happens at midnight, but that appears to have confused it. I checked the settings this week. It claimed it was happy, and it claimed it had recorded it, but having just checked now, it appears to be Dollhouse instead. Pah.

Tags: technology, tv
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