sugoll (sugoll) wrote,

Wakey wakey

On the plus side of the technology divide...

I've been noticing that my phone's been getting considerably more flaky on wake-from-sleep. This is particularly noticable if it's just fetched email. Bong, it goes, to get my attention, then refuses to respond when I try to turn it on (a black screen is all I get). Waiting a while, and the faffing with the mute switch seemed to be the best solution.

I was planning to post a whinge about all this, but this morning iTunes announced a software update that covers this exact problem (plus a couple of others I'd noticed). So a caution yay on that front.

'Course, the bastard thing still holds onto the POP connection, so I can't get at the mailbox via the desktop until that times out, but never mind.

Tags: iphone
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