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A few weeks ago, I tried going back to the fencing on the Monday, had problems with it aching very quickly, and woke up with it completely buggered on Tuesday. That persisted for (I think) just over a week, where just picking up cups, etc. hurt. Then I woke up again, and it was completely fine, going from "hard to sleep" to "what problem?" overnight. This made me think it was a trapped nerve.

Fencing again this week, after further abstinence due to work, lurgy, convalecence, and work. It started aching quickly during backsword exercises, but I managed some freeplay, and it was fine Tuesday morning, and Wednesday morning and Thursday morning. Yesterday morning, it was hurting again in the same way, and got progressively worse during the day and evening. Cue bucketloads of Ibuprofen gel. It's still a sod now.

So, the bad: it could be like this for an arbitrary amount of time.

The good: it wasn't caused by fencing this time, so probably wasn't last time, either. I suspect I'm giving myself a half-nelson while asleep.
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