sugoll (sugoll) wrote,

Size of a camel

Back when I was a small thing, I used to watch The Banana Splits on telly. I remember very little of this, but what I do remember is very clear.

The theme tune. Obviously.
That I really, really wanted one of those little six-wheeled buggies. And to see more of them in the show.
That there were cartoons. For example, I'm sure that they had The Count of Monte Christo, but all I recall of it was some bloke diving from a castle on a cliff into the sea. Which, presumably, is Edmund's escape from the Chateau d'If.

And, most importantly, that the cartoons included The Arabian Nights, which featured the phrase, size of a camel! And a character who would shout this, and turn into the named creature (surely shape would have been better than size?). And it's not just me. (Although it took some google-fu to track that done. PSA: if you're iainjcoleman , don't type "size of a camel" into google, and hit images. Trust me.)

God knows why, but "size of a camel" is just a fantastic exclamation. It's stuck with me ever since.

Tags: tv
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