sugoll (sugoll) wrote,

Last weekend

While katlinel was otherwise occupied, I had a good weekend of blobbing, beer and, um, shelving.

I got the week's telly out of the way: the Chuck finale (didn't expect that ending), Dollhouse, Burn Notice, FastForward, and the first two Spooks. There were a few films to watch on vid - more on them later. siggav and I went to see The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (see later post), and I cooked us a Nigella special, plus some awesome chocolate mousse and vanilla ice cream, which we nommed while pointing at yet another film, and laughing.

And the shelving. Our study's a bit overloaded, so I took the opportunity to replace the half-size bookcase and spare computer desk with two full-size bookcases (which were lurking elsewhere in a dismantled state). Possibly, this wasn't the best thing to do given that my shoulder was still playing up (Friday was not good, in that respect). But I got things done. Now the spare room is even more of a tip, but the study's better.

Oh, and I finally got the Anne Sudworths up on the wall, only two years after getting them.

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