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District 13: Ultimatum

A genuine sequel, this time, set three years after the last. There was a limited theatrical release, apparently, before straight-to-DVD kicked in. Even the local arthouse places didn't get it.

There's a lot in common with the first film. Once again, David Belle and Cyril Raffaelli star as local activist and set-upon police officer. Once again, they're both introduced in mad action sequences. Once again, the plot has holes bigger than Tunguska. This time, the premise is that a corrupt government official has received a bribe to arrange for District 13 to be knocked down and replaced with new developments, and he's setting off riots to convince the rest of the government to flatten the place. Belle, as an activist, is the one who knows the truth. Raffaelli is framed because he's apparently the only honest cop in Paris...

Freerunning's a lot more common now, after Casino Royale nicked some of Belle's moves. Heck, we even had some in House the other night. So this looks tamer than it would have done three years ago. Belle's still damn impressive, though (and easy on the eye, spending half the film with his shirt off, as he does). And Raffaelli knows how to put together some awesome crowd sequences.

And then there's the silly bits: getting in and out of jail; the excuses for hand-to-hand instead of hand-to-uzi; the utter insanity of the plot to begin with. But what the hell - it's a weekend movie that's designed for shouting at the screen - in both senses.
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