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So, teeth....

Well, tooth, anyway.

in the grand scheme of things, it was a better experience than some dental visits I've had (but then, I did finally figure out that the usual anasthetic takes at least an extra 30mins longer to start having an effect, for me - usually as I was leaving the surgery. The stuff they've switched to works much better.).

Apparently there are three roots, and they've dealt with one. But the other 60mins appt I had lined up is now a 90mins one, and more may be required. Partially, this is because they also need to remove the crown to get access (no kidding; one dentist euphemistically described my teeth as "having an usual bite"). Partially, it's to remove the remainder of a file bit that's snapped off somewhere in the depths...

About 40mins into the hour-long session (I'm guessing here) the dentist wandered off for about five-to-ten minutes, looking for something. And it was just before then that the anesthetic started wearing off. So the remaining drilling was fun. I have appraised them of this fact.

On the positive side, I'm in no more pain than I was yesterday, albeit in different places.

Next one's in a week...
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