sugoll (sugoll) wrote,

Latter-day Robin Hoods

Burn Notice season two came to an end not so long ago. Highly enjoyable pap though it was, it always bugged me that I never had any idea how Michael Westen can afford his yogurt habit, let alone make any money, since he rarely seems to charge for his services, and each operation appears to involve at least a couple of trips to a hardware store. Plus munitions.

Stepping into the vacuum is another Enforcer-style programme, although more in the A-Team mold, called Leverage. This, at least, seems to have a sound business model: we'll help you get what you need from the bad guys, and we'll rob them blind and keep the money for ourselves while we're at it. To use a phrase from the pilot, "this organisation operates on a different revenue stream."

Mind you, some of the plots make even less sense than some of the Burn Notice resolutions. "Here: have a whole truck of stolen money. What do you mean, you might have some trouble processing that through your books?"
Tags: burn notice, leverage, tv
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