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Mr And Mrs Smith

I really liked this. But then, I like Tomb Raider. Both of 'em.

Obviously, this is a ridiculously silly plot, with lots of guns, explosions and silly special effects. But then, it's a RomCom. With explosions. A BombRomCom, if you will (and I'm just nipping off to register that as a trade-mark). Anyway, point is, you're not supposed to take it seriously. It's whimsical, in fact, and I adore whimsy.

Pitt and Jolie have a reasonably good level of chemistry, and the banter's entertaining. Kept making me think of Modesty Blaise, although it's not. Nor is it War of the Roses or Prizzi's Honor, although both spring to mind.

Pitt's good. Jolie's, well, Jolie (happy sigh), despite me having occasionally flashes of imagining J-Lo in the role instead. Ending's a cop-out, but never mind.

I liked it. Mind even buy it.

Who am I kidding? 'Course I will.
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