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I realise I'm a little behind on my posting, so very briefly...

We had Delicatessen out on loan from Blockbuster, oh, fifteen or so years ago, but the tape was buggered, and we never got around to re-renting it. A friend WINOLJ loaned it to me recently when this particular fact arose.

It's... weird. As if Brazil was done by a Frenchman. A mad Frenchman. Visually, it's very impressive, with damp, foggy, decaying architecture shot through with a sick yellow tint (imagine Gormengast at night, in sodium lighting). It's set in some post-apocalyptic world, in a boarding house packed with weird folks who are all mostly unpleasant. And a nice, new, unsuspecting gentleman comes to stay...

I loved the strange woman with her Heath Robinson contraptions, but mostly it was a parade of bizarre grotesques, and I'm left with a lasting sensation of, "well, that was weird. And Yellow. And foggy. Next?"

I much preferred Amelie.
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