sugoll (sugoll) wrote,

Sunshine Cleaning

After Delicatessen, we moved almost immediately onto Sunshine Cleaning. It shares a producer with Little Miss Sunshine, and it shows: the tone's very similar - Down-on-their-luck family of several generations undergoing a not-that-usual experience for our viewing pleasure.

Sisters Amy Adams and Emily Blunt manage to bluff their way into the crime-scene clean-up business, although things don't go entirely to plan. Meanwhile, grandfather Alan Arkin is looking after young Jason Spevack and trying to make some more money. That's sort of it. It's certainly more watchable than the foggy French batshit slice of craziness we'd just been dealing with, anyway.

Oh, and it's got wotserface, Chloe from 24 in it. Yay.
Tags: movies
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